Getting Started

We Offer a Planning Process to Earn Your Trust

We recognize that it is difficult to rely on financial advice from, or turn over your portfolio to, someone you really don't know. That is made more difficult when an advisor has a "ready, fire, aim" investment approach.

That is why we offer a planning process that allows us to get to know you and you to get to know us. So the first stage of our planning process is that we earn your trust the best way possible - slowly and carefully. 

The first step is an initial consultation wherein you can determine if working together makes sense for you. There's no cost or obligation. You can call us at (707) 523-0570 or email us using our contact form to schedule the meeting or telephone conversation. This first meeting is one of mutual discovery.

Together, we begin to explore your financial planning and investment advisory needs and evaluate what we can do for you.

After one or more in-person meetings, both parties determine if your goals and situation make our firm a good fit for you. If we decide to work together, we'll sign a contract that includes a description of services we'll provide and the fees we'll charge. 

Don't miss exploring your options! Get in touch for a complimentary, no-obligation review to explore your financial planning needs.