Income & Retirement

Developing A Sustainable Income Strategy In Retirement

Saving was just the beginning - we can help you with what comes next!

After a lifetime of saving, building a strategy for income in retirement is a whole new challenge. Shifting gears into retirement isn't always easy. It can require new financial decisions, new ways to think about your money, and even new investments. We can help you balance the need to make your money last while still living the life you picture.

We will help you create a strategy that reflects your goals, financial situation, and lifestyle. Together we will:

  • Figure out your income needs¬†
  • Helps you identify your goals in later life
  • Review and confirm your priorities
  • Work with you to help create your retirement "paycheck"
  • Find ways to help protect yourself against rising health care costs, taxes, and inflation
  • Address the questions you have and the ones you didn't think of
  • Help you stay on track as your needs and lifestyle change

Balancing Multiple Goals - Portfolios designed to generate income in retirement usually combine four key investment elements. We will work with you to balance these factors to give you the desired retirement lifestyle and make your money last. 

  • Growth - Balancing potential versus risk
  • Guarantee - Income for Life
  • Flexibility - Access to your Money
  • Potential Preservation - Balancing Savings versus Expenses

Growth - The impact of inflation and the likelihood of a lengthy retirement mean most retirees need some growth potential in their portfolio to help their money last. This is why it can be a good idea to keep a portion of your portfolio invested in equities. The trade-off is that equities can expose your savings to market fluctuations, so you could lose money in a down market. There are no guarantees that your money will grow even in the long-run. So you need to balance how much risk you are comfortable with and how much growth you need.

Guarantee - If you want some retirement income certainly, even in down markets, we can look for sources of guaranteed income. Some insurance products can offer a steady stream of income that will last either a specific time period or for life.

Flexibility - You can look for greater flexibility with products that you can buy and sell at any time. These investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs may offer increased growth potential, however they don't offer any guarantees or consistent retirement income.

Potential Preservation ~ You may want to meet your retirement expenses without spending down your original investments. Certain conservative investments can help you preserve your investments for later in retirement, or to pass on to your heirs or philanthropic organizations.

Contact us today to find the specific balance of investments that is just right for you and determine your retirement paycheck!

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