Investment Management

Customized, Integrated Financial Planning & Investment Management

We offer you two primary and fully integrated services: Financial Planning and Investment Management. These go hand in hand. To appropriately manage your investments, we need to review your entire financial situation, and therefore, as an additional benefit, we offer on-going financial planning advice free of additional charges when we manage your investment portfolio. No need for a large financial plan expense before the investment process can even get started - if you become our client, we develop your financial plan for free!

We believe our priorities are aligned with your needs and goals to minimize major losses in order to achieve growth over time. Our objective is to avoid significant losses in declining markets and to produce relatively stable positive returns. We have found that our disciplined approach has led to excellent long-term performance and have the historical data to show it. However, past performance is not a guarantee of future results and individual acounts will vary.

Your investment strategy will be customized and tailored, and protects you through critical transitions and supports your goals for the future. Our investment choices are based on research, many years of experience through market ups and downs, vast market knowledge and a disciplined approach.

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to expert investment advice, so we have no account minimums. Instead, we use our flexible fee-only structure to choose together the option that is most beneficial to you. Our fees are always fully disclosed.

We offer a complete range of investment vehicles and services for individuals, families, trusts, businesses and non-profits, including:

  • common and preferred stocks;
  • taxable corporate and tax-free municipal bonds;
  • real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange traded funds (ETFs), and unit investment trusts (UITs);
  • commodities, natural resources, precious metals;
  • mutual funds, including the full range of socially responsible funds;
  • developed and emerging market international securities;
  • money market funds with automatic sweep;
  • unique community investment opportunities.

Our objective is to invest your portfolio so that it will yield the return you seek with the lowest possible risk. The best way to achieve this is through diversification, which entails the allocation of your portfolio among different asset classes. Simply stated, depending upon your situation, your money is invested in a variety of the investment options listed above and monitored against established benchmarks. While diversification and asset allocation are used to reduce risk, when investing in equities, they do not guarantee a profit, nor do they eliminate the risk of loss of principal. Learn more about our Investment Process.

The close relationships we enjoy with our clients often stems from the extra dimension we bring by understanding their ethical values and concerns, not just their risk tolerance and investment objectives. This process is called Socially Responsible Investing, also known as sustainable investing, green investing or ethical investing. Learn more about Socially Responsible Investing.

One of the benefits of working with us is the ability to speak with an advisor anytime - whether it is a small concern or a life changing event. We suggest that all new clients come in to go over their first full quarterly performance report and for a lesson in interpreting monthly account statements. We touch base with existing clients frequently via phone or email. And we highly recommend a meeting at least twice a year. An important part of the agenda is to go over the progress made towards the client's personal objectives and recommend adjustments if necessary.

In our experience, clients that gain at least a basic understanding of the investment process feel calmer and more confident. We take the time to explain our investment philosophy and strategies in our individual meetings.
Don't miss your opportunity for a free review of your existing investments! Call us at (707) 523-0570 or email us using our contact form.