Our Clients: Who We Work With

Everyone deserves expert financial advice... not just the wealthy!


What the wealthy know, better than most people, is that investing and financial planning is a science as well as an art. It pays to hire a professional to do it correctly.

We typically work with individuals and families, many of whom are dealing with a transition due to retirement, career change, marriage, divorce, inheritance, or death. We also understand that women may need a different approach regarding the decision making process. We strive to educate and empower women to achieve financial independence.

Our clients come from across the financial spectrum - young people starting out, people in their peak earning years, and retired people who want a steady income stream and peace of mind. We work with many clients who are smart and capable and know that it pays to work with an expert on their financial planning and investment management.

Above all, our clients desire a comfortable, on-going relationship with a skilled professional truly concerned about their financial wellbeing. They want help achieving their goals through unbiased, independent financial planning and investment management advice. Our clients expect and receive comprehensive, client focused services, and accountability to achieve the desired outcome.

Many of our clients are people who:

  • Want to bring financial security to their lives
  • Are concerned about retirement
  • Are coping with the financial issues of separation or divorce - Get information and tips about Divorce and Separation.
  • Want to preserve their wealth for their loved ones
  • Want to save money for their children's education
  • Have uneven streams of income

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