Retirement Planning


No matter what your age - retirement planning is essential. Whether you are 25 or 90 the decisions and plans you make today influence your lifestyle in retirement. 

Our Personal Retirement Planning Service:

  • Helps you define your ideal retirement
  • Helps you identify your goals in later life
  • Quantifies resources needed to fund those goals
  • Finds the best tax-favoured vehicles to fund the goals
  • Helps determine how aggressively or conservatively your financial assets should be invested
  • Helps clarify if your present standard of living can be maintained
  • Makes realistic projections about the probability of retiring at the desired time and living standard

Nearing Retirement If you are nearing retirement or just started retirement, you face a period of tremendous uncertainty. After a lifetime of earning income and accumulating assets, you are faced with having a finite asset base to meet their future living expenses. The assets that have been accumulated must last for the remainder of your life, which is a daunting proposition in an age of longer life expectancies. Some investment risk must typically be assumed because inflation will erode the purchasing power of a portfolio over time. We build customized portfolios to balance these risks, while educating our clients to the types and levels of risk that they are assuming.

Self-Employed and Business Owner If you are self-employed or a business owner you may be unaware of the many types of retirement plans that can be utilized to reach your retirement goals. We will evaluate your unique needs and will recommend the most suitable type of retirement plan. And for those clients with large retirement versus taxable accounts, we will also run an analysis on possible Roth IRA conversions.

Employed with Benefits If you don't own your own business, we analyze and explain the various choices available through your employer - 401k, pension, deferred compensation, employee stock purchase plans, and other benefits. Regardless of employer, we help our clients choose their best options for retirement savings.

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