Socially Responsible Investing

We believe you can build a better world, one investment at a time.

By aligning time-tested, wealth building strategies with your deepest values and highest aspirations, we can together create a socially responsible investment portfolio that will help you secure a bright financial future, while simultaneously promoting social justice and environmental sustainability.

Socially responsible investing doesn't mean sacrificing performance.

You do not need to sacrifice investment performance when you invest with your values. We believe that companies with sustainable business practices make better long-term investments. Numerous academic studies have shown that investors who consider social and environmental performance factors in addition to financial indicators when evaluating companies perform at least as well as those who fail to do so*.

Together with our colleagues at The Social Equity Group, we are proud of our decade-long record of committed ethical investments and our overall performance on behalf of our clients. As our client you will feel comfortable knowing that your money is working to build a better world for both you and for future generations.

To learn more about Socially Responsible Investing visit us at The Social Equity Group.

*See Social Investment Forum Press Releases URL

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