What Your Financial Plan Can do For You


Financial plans are a living document that forecast what your future will look like and need to be regularly updated to account for the transitions that always come in life.

As part of our on-going relationship, your road map is reviewed regularly to ensure that you are making sound financial decisions based on your current situation.

Working with us you will get:

  • organized financial affairs
  • needs and goals identified
  • an understanding of your assets and liabilities
  • an analysis of cash inflows and outflows
  • clarification of any employee benefits
  • guidelines and timelines for a financially secure retirement
  • a sustainable income stream
  • a strategy for funding your children's college education
  • a current asset/ investment review
  • a plan to reposition your portfolio to match your deeply-felt values
  • a tax situation evaluation
  • a current insurance coverage review
  • an estate plan review and attorney referrals

You may choose a comprehensive financial plan or you may focus only on areas of specific concern and importance to you. We work for a reasonable hourly or project fee. Or, if we manage your investments, the financial planning advice is included free of charge!

Get started today with a free consultation! Call (707) 495-7084 or email us using our contact form for a complimentary, no-obligation review to explore your financial planning needs.